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Here at TCW, we can repair your in-or-out of warranty Apple device, such as your iMac, Macbook, and Mac Pro.

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Stolen Identity?

You may think this is something that happens to others, when in fact, it can very easily happen to any of us. There are many ways that we can have our identity stolen or compromised.

Here are a few of the more common ways your digital devices can be stolen and your identity compromised:
  • Airports: mainly at airport security as electronic devices go through the scanner, and before…

Build A Better Password

It seems every week some major company is in the news about their system being hacked. It is a common occurrence to hear of security threats; it has become a part of our online life. There is no way to completely eliminate these threats, but there are ways to minimize the risks.

The very best defense is to use strong passwords. Although these passwords can be difficult to remember, one…

Are Touch Screens The New Interaction?

I am frequently asked what's new in technology or what's the next new device headed our way. It seems that technology is changing so fast that it is difficult to keep up. Hence, I will talk about touch-screen technology. Actually, this concept has been around for quite a few years, most commonly seen in restaurant computers and, more recently, on iPads, Smartphones, and Kindles.

Let's talk about this same concept,…

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

June 11th marked the start of Apple's annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). People lined up in San Francisco anticipating exciting news from Apple. As the lights dimmed and an animated picture of Siri told a few jokes, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, began the Keynote presentation.

The beginning of the conference showed the success of Apple. These statistics included 400 hundred million accounts activated, 30 billion…

Another Look at Disaster Recovery

"What do you mean a water pipe broke above the server?  And we'll be down for how long?  Now what we do?"

Disaster can come in all shapes and sizes and most are outside our control.  When I think of disasters I normally think of the natural kind whether it be high winds, snow or rain. There are few feelings more helpless then seeing nature wreak…

Managing Email Effectively

a.k.a. - How to Avoid the Email Monster from Ruling Your Life

Ah, email. It clogs our inboxes when we are on vacation, often contains spam and jokes we shouldn’t read, and might contain viruses that can do our network or personal computer harm.

While there are up and coming forms of communication (such as video conferencing), studies still show email is the #1 choice in…

Intel Solution Summit 2012 Notes

The Intel Solution Summit 2012 (ISS2012) took me to New Orleans this year. I hear it’s a great city. Unfortunately, due to the jam-packed schedule, I never made it outside the conference walls. I did, however, have a great view of the Mercedes Benz Super Dome. The event was filled with Intel technology, vendor solutions, breakout seminars, great food and even some music of the Jazz…

TCW reveals a New Remote Backup Solution

After the remarkable success that TCW experienced over the past 2 years with TCW DataSafe, we have decided to add another data backup solution that is geared more towards consumers and small business.  TCW is excited to introduce DataSafe Essentials, a feature-limited, ecomonical solution for consumers and business's that want to back up their data remotely but don't want to pay for traditional methods to do so.   DataSafe Essentials…

If you haven’t considered virtualization…you should

Virtualization technology has existed in large enterprises for more than a decade, but advances in virtualization technology and better hardware integration has steadily pushed virtualization down the technology food chain. 

Today even small businesses can reap major benefits from server virtualization, including reduced investment in server hardware, high availability and disaster recovery at a reasonable price point, and a much simplified upgrade process when transitioning to new hardware.

Want to know more about spyware and how to prevent it?

This week TCW's own Delmar Zimmerman presented at a continuing legal education meeting of the Lancaster Bar Association on the technologies and techniques used to spy on others through their computers.  For the benefit of all of our customers, Delmar has posted his handout for that presentation on our website at Computer Surveillance.pdf.  You'll find helpful information about the kinds of spyware and monitoring tools…

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